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Dragon of The South is a non-profit making organisation based in Poole, Dorset, established in early 2005 and has been performing shows and events since 2006.

The club was founded by Andy Chu with the aim of bringing the art of Chinese lion and dragon dancing to the south coast. The team has evolved and expanded over its first 10 years and is open to anyone, male or female of any age to join.

Andy now acts as the PR manager for the club alongside Tony Sivyer and liases with instructer Tony in preparation for upcoming performances. We believe in the idea of equal opportunities and anyone who has interest can learn the Lion and Dragon dance, no matter what race, skin-colour, religion or ethnic background.

We are available to perform Dragon and Lion dance at any event you may be organising, whether it is a new business opening, public display such as festivals, carnivals or village fetes and we can perform a traditional lion dance at your wedding to bring you good luck and fortune. To enquire about our services please contact us.


Even in a multi-cultural society we live in today it is still sometimes difficult to understand our cultural differences within the community. As a club we believe it is important for people to embrace the Chinese culture and the benefits it brings to the local community. We think one of the best ways to achieve this is through schools by educating the younger generations and participating in a variety of social, cultural and other educational events. One way we feel we can achieve this is by holding school workshops where we show the students the many aspects including music, lion and dragon dancing and allow them to participate trying out all the equipment.

The club will be working alongside local authorities, schools and societies to organise public performances for various events. These will include fund-raising for charities, voluntary work, cultural festivals, opening ceremonies and more.

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